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SELF-ORGANISED GROUPS -Why self-organisation?


Trade unionism is all about organising workers around a common experience. We organise members in a number of different ways, such as by employer, by occupational group (home care workers, police staff, teaching assistants and so on) and by geography.


Self-organisation is members organising around their experience of prejudice and discrimination.

Because prejudice and discrimination are deep-rooted in our society, women members, Black members, disabled members and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members have traditionally been less visible in trade unions and under-represented in democratic structures. Self-organisation offers a way to address this.It is sometimes thought that because the members of self-organised groups meet separately, self-organisation is separatism. It is not.


UNISON’s self-organised groups are a well-established part of our organisation. They are actively involved in all the union’s mainstream work. They have a valuable role in ensuring that the union identifies and takes up equality issues, actively challenges discrimination and that our democratic structures reflect the whole membership. Self-organisation strengthens UNISON.


Our four self organised groups are

Black members


Disabled members

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay , Bisexual and transgender)



 For information on meetings,

contact the Chair,

Paulette Whyte


 For information on meetings,

contact the Chair,

Paulette Whyte


We don't currently have a group in the branch, but if you are interested in helping build one or in the regional group contact

Dave Auger 01902 554096

For information on meetings

contact the Chair

Sharon Dixon


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